Reduce the impact of increasing raw material price

Reduce the impact of increasing raw material price

Category : Animal Feed / Posted on : September 15, 2016

In today’s market of high feed ingredient cost, choosing right feed premix/supplements should enable buyers to fully utilize their money spent on them and be able to extract maximum nutrients out of feed.

Poultry Feed / Premix producers who are informed on such selection of good machinery knowledge will be able to maximize their profits margins.

In the changing market scenario, feed/ premix manufacturer force to seek new Techniques of production. The problem often lies in the area of the heart of the plant i.e. “Mixing “ equipment selection .A good place to start is to evaluate the available products and ensure the best ones for your particular requirements are used in the most effective way. Hence the ability to make smart decisions about what technological best support risk-management efforts could be what distinguishes high performers from the rest. They can meet the present crisis by adopting Right Mixing technique for valuation to their product.


Toshniwal offers Twin shaft paddle mixer invented by Forberg Norway, The mixer works on fluidized zone mixing principle and ideally suits for the feed industries with the features as per the following:

  • Distributing a minor ingredients efficiently by creating a controlled, organized and randomized transport system for the particle movement to achieve a homogeneous mix.
  • The Mixer overcomes the natural forces such as particle size / weight differential while mixing the powders.
  • Mechanical fluidized zone mixing principle eliminates the gravity in the mixing zone.
  • Segregation eliminated while discharging of mixed material with Bomb door Discharge mechanism
  • High volume of production achieved in minimum time.

This is a high time realise that poultry feed industry is passing through a critical stage, where inefficient Poultry feed producers will go out of business.

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