Improving Feed quality and nutrition by Toshniwal Mixer

Improving Feed quality and nutrition by Toshniwal Mixer

Category : Animal Feed / Posted on : October 13, 2016

Improving Feed quality and nutrition by Toshniwal Mixer

The quality of feed depends the raw material, formulae and the process Adopted with the same level of raw materials and formulae the quality feed Mainly depends on Mixing process technology and the equipment performance.


It is critical to choose the right mixer, mixing period and feeding method in order to ensure conformity and nutrition. The control of mixing conformity covers Mixing feed, concentrated feed, additives, premix feed and liquid feed. The technical improvements in batch premixing process have the following aspects:

  • A proper mixer must be selected to ensure conformity
  • Materials should be added in correct order with larger materials added at first and small one added later. All materials should be added in the correct proportion and order, especially for the production of premix feed.
  • When the formula is changed, the mixer should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid cross contamination.
  • A premix should be separated from any major mixing process in order to prevent cross contamination,
  • The transportation distance and height of materials after batching should be as short as possible and no conveying equipment like pneumatic device should be used as it would cause the separation of materials.

The Revolutionary Role of Toshniwal Mixer in “Feed Industries”

Toshniwal offers the new generation Feed Mixing Unit with the following Advantages.

  • Improves feed quality to excellency level,
  • Assures the plant / process efficiency,
  • Optimizes the product safety,
  • Reveals the bottleneck of upstream / downstream operation.

It has been realised that Toshniwal Mixer provides “High mixing accuracy combined with gentle mixing action, thus eliminating the over formulation of recipe and serving the best quality of the end product”.

The striking features of Toshniwal Mixer are,

  • Fluidized zone Mixing
  • Short Mixing Time
  • Gentle Mixing action
  • Flexibility in filling volume.
  • PMS / FDB accessory with Mixer and Liquid Spray Setup for uniformity for minimum / maximum quantity liquid to the mix.

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