Toshniwal Mixer is an absolute choice

Toshniwal Mixer is an absolute choice

Category : Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer / Posted on : October 27, 2016

Toshniwal Mixer is an absolute choice in front of Extruders for manufacturing direct expanded ready to eat (RTE) Food cereals such as corn curls, Collect, Onion Rings, Potato Chips or Fingers etc.

The New Generation Toshniwal Mixer has the unique “Fluidized zone” Concept that helps in gentle mixing action with short duration to achieve a homogeneous mixing of the various marterials (ie) both dry and liquid ingredients need for RTE break fast cereals such as corn flour, Whole wheat Flour, refined wheat flour, salt, wheat starch, sugar and white or brown rice and emulsifier lipid, colours and moisture etc.

The special accessory provisions such as Flow Distortion Bar / Pin Mill System and the selective spray system is a proven for handling of different characteristics of liquids such as sticky, oily and water etc to get a perfect homogeneous blend without any lumps. The accessories helps to enhance the absorption characteristics of the powder with liquid ingredients to achieve free flow liquid dispensed product mass to get perfect consistency for extruding the same to get desired shape / size.

The mixer has a proven performance in the case of conventional “ Bujia Mix” where the product demands the homogeneous mixing of ground basin flou, dhal powder with masala powder and uniform oil addition to achieve lump free mass consistency to feed the extruder and to get the desired quality product and to achieve the maximum productivity.

Also the high mixing accuracy combined with gentle mixing action features of the mixing equipment is ideally suitable to use as connecting unit for spraying the oil and dry seasoning and flavour dusty etc. Alternatively oils, flavours, spices etc are mixed together and the mixed slurry can be applied with extruded snacks products.

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