What’s going on? Let us tell you Feed industry

What’s going on? Let us tell you Feed industry

Category : Animal Feed / Posted on : September 27, 2016

“Quality is the centre of everything we do ” …… Always has been and always will !

For over 30 years Toshniwal has led the way in developing unique process to supply novel products. Through years of experience in Powder Mixing Technology Toshniwal have provided proper mix to the “Feed Industries”. Along the way our focus has always been centre on quality. Un-compromised quality backed by our unsurpassed technical expertise in manufacturing.

Feed Unit Survives by achieving the proper mix

Young animals and poultry are especially sensitive to poorly mixed feed. To achieve optimal performance ideally each bite should contain all of the nutrients in the proper mixed proportions. Poorly mixed feed requires higher safety margins of critical nutrients or they may cause “sub optimal performance”.

Research has proven that variation or non-uniformity in the feed mix will cause negative effects on animal performance in terms of

  • feed conversion
  • consistency in weight gaining,
  • flocks growth.

Hence it is imminent for the feed unit survival to “Achieve the Proper Mix”

Eliminates the “Menace” of Liquid Addition :

Invariably the liquid addition to the mixed feed poses problems of agglomeration and non-uniformity, hence it leads to inconsistency in the nutritional / medicinal substance in the final product.

Now-a-days every feed unit is looking for simplifying the liquid addition process and at the same time enabling the feed quality in excellency level.

The new look for feed mixing process is like

  • Premix for 1 Ton/ 2 Ton batch size together the complete dosage of liquid substance (ie) vegetable oil / mutton tallow and other liquid additive as per the formulation
  • Dry Mixing of whole coarse ground ingredients with the premix (1) as per 1 Ton or 2 Tons formulation.

The patented features of Toshniwal Forberg Mixer and the special accessory Flow Distortion Bar / Pin Mill System with Liquid Spray Setup which ensures the uniformity of liquid fat/additive addition, eliminates agglomeration problems thus assures High Degree of homogeneity level in the feeds

The Revolutionary Role of Toshniwal Forberg Mixer in “Feed Industries”

Toshniwal offers the new generation Feed Mixing Unit with the following Advantages.

  • Improves feed quality to excellency level,
  • Assures the plant / process efficiency,
  • Optimizes the product safety,
  • Reveals the bottleneck of upstream / downstream operation.

It has been realised that Toshniwal Forberg Mixer provides “High mixing accuracy combined with gentle mixing action, thus eliminating the over formulation of recipe and serving the best quality of the end product”.

The striking features of Toshniwal Forberg Mixer are,

  • Fluidized zone Mixing
  • Short Mixing Time
  • Gentle Mixing action
  • Flexibility in filling volume.
  • PMS / FDB accessory with Mixer and Liquid Spray Setup for uniformity for minimum / maximum quantity liquid to the mix.


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